Beginning Band

Beginning Band classes are off to a great start this year. Band students should now be able to identify basic music symbols such as staff, clef, time signature, bar line, measure, whole note and whole rest. All instruments have been taught their first five notes and are working on Page 8 song #’s 15, 17 and 18. Please ask your child to play all of the songs on Page 8 for you so you can hear and see how they are progressing on their new instrument! 

Advanced Band

Advanced Band classes are off to a great start this year as well. The Advanced students performed wonderfully on their Winter Concert. They have been working on playing a full octave for their warm up scale and will soon begin working on music that will be part of their Spring concert repertoire.

Practicing for Success

Beginning and Advanced Band students are expected to practice 15 minutes, four days per week. Good practicing habits need to be established at home. Help to set-up the best possible practice facility. The area should be well lit and free from other distractions, and should accommodate a straight chair and music stand (if possible).


Beginning Band students receive a music report card for 2nd & 3rd trimester; Advanced Band students receive one every trimester. The RUSD Elementary Music Report Card is standards based. Report Cards are given to your student’s classroom teacher to be distributed with their regular classroom report card at the end of each trimester.